• Health & Wellness Copywriter | B2B/B2C Digital Marketing Copywriting | Email Campaigns | Branding Strategist

    I transform humdrum website copy into a clear-but-crafty, sales-snagging powerhouse - and implement inspired marketing techniques to draw your prospects directly to your best features.

  • About Me

    As a proud defender of the Oxford comma, I write:

    – website copy
    – email marketing campaigns
    – sales page copy
    – landing pages
    – blog posts
    – interviews
    – social media posts
    – Facebook ad copy
    – whitepapers
    – marketing collateral
    – and much more!

    My Copywriting Passion:

    My first and ongoing passion is to help people transform their health, through educational content and compelling copy that motivates them to take action.

    As I explored the health and wellness industry, I discovered that companies need support as they explain their innovative concepts to both clients and partners. My mission is to bring these audiences together and help them communicate clearly, bringing long-lasting and powerful results.

    My other passion is digital marketing. I’ve watched the industry develop organically over time, and love writing sharp, actionable copy about this ever-changing landscape. You gain access to my wealth of marketing knowledge, applicable to a wide variety of verticals.

    I'll Give You the Copywriting Goods:

    - a digital marketing strategy that's one-half dig-deep research, one-half meet & greet your audience.

    - copy & content that brings a slow clap from the back seat of the auditorium.

    - funnels and emails that guide your favorite people to your digital doorstep - and welcome them like a long-lost cousin.

    All the while, those important digits keep increasing - without a single word lost in the shuffle.

    Ready for Some One-on-One Time? Let's Talk About Your Writing Project!

    Email me: kimcopywriting@gmail.com

    Schedule a phone call: kimberleeferrell.as.me

  • Health & Wellness Writing Samples


    Garden of Life - Extraordinary Health Magazine

    A series of feature interviews with Garden of Life brand ambassadors:


    Two email campaigns and accompanying social media posts that outperformed their in-house writer when split-tested over a list of 220,000 emails:


    A white paper distilling a roundtable interview with multiple leaders in the fitness CRM industry:


    About page for a fitness app that offers multiple types of workouts and personal trainers:

    Ellen Dolgen

    Blog post about dealing with insomnia during menopause:


    Blog post about diabetics dealing with chronic sensorimotor neuropathy:

  • Digital Marketing Writing Samples


    Wasabi Publicity

    An email campaign and landing page for their new PR service, Media Matchmaker:

    Marketo (Spec Sample)

    An example of a cold email campaign I created to sell Marketo's services:

    Jax Digital Marketing

    Total brand strategy, website copy, and blog posts for a digital marketing agency in Jacksonville, Florida:


    Blog posts for an email tracking app with Salesforce integration:


    Ghostwritten blog posts for a digital marketing consultancy:

    Small Biz Daily

    Ghostwritten blog post for an eCommerce agency:

  • Copywriting Resumé

    Download a copy of my resume, or reach out to me for more info.

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    I'm based in Huntsville, Alabama, and I'd love to learn about your upcoming project! Drop me a line and let's find a time to chat.